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Serena Williams thinks Meghan Markle is the epitome of strength


While some are labeling the Duchess of Sussex a narcissist and throwing stones at her for ‘exposing’ the royal family, international tennis star Serena Williams says she believes Meghan and she is the ‘epitome of strength.’

Williams has long been a friend of the royal and she said she admires how ‘confident’ and ‘selfless’ Meghan is, especially in the wake of her tell-all interview with Television personality Oprah Winfrey earlier this month.

“Meghan is a great person and I think she is the epitome of strength, the epitome of confidence, the epitome of just selflessness, and the epitome of everything is just her and everything that she’s gone through.

“And I know it’s not easy, and you can see from the interview that it wasn’t easy. But she had so much poise and still had so much class,” said Williams during the debut episode of ‘The Shine Series.’

Williams continued hailing the royal as ‘the strongest person’.

“I just think she is the strongest person I know. I don’t know anyone else that could handle on such a global scale the way that she had to handle things that are just untrue minute after minute.

“Not even day after day. Just minute after minute, another untrue allegation being thrown at her,” she added.

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