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Monday, January 17, 2022



Nick Cannon says his anti-Semitic comments ‘hit home’: ‘I come from a Black and Jewish family’

Former "Wild 'N Out" star Nick Cannon (39), fired from his MTV gig last month following racist and antisemitic remarks, has been putting his all into making amends since the scandal.

50 Cent is getting DRAGGED for praising ”Exotic Women” while blasting “Angry Black Women”

Controversial rapper 50 Cent does not think he is wrong for comments which seemingly unfavourably compared black women to their “exotic” counterparts in an interview with fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

After 23 years of marriage, Jada Pinkett admits she doesn’t know husband Will Smith “at all”

While they have been married for 23 years, with two grown children to show for it, Jada Pinkett Smith has said that life in quarantine has taught her that she does not know her husband, Will Smith, as well as she thought she did.

Mark Wahlberg reflects on his criminal past: “I made a lot of terrible mistakes”

Actor Mark Wahlberg has reflected on his criminal past telling the Guardian in an interview "I made a lot of terrible mistakes and I paid for those mistakes dearly."

Gayle King tells Oprah she’s ‘moved on’ from ‘painful’ Kobe Bryant backlash

'CBS This Morning' co-anchor Gayle King has discussed what she called her ‘painful’ Kobe Bryant interview backlash with her best friend Oprah Winfrey. “I have...

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