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Prince Harry and Meghan sue over ‘drone photos’ of 14-month-old son

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have fled from unwarranted tabloid attention from the UK but they have not managed to fend off paparazzi that are thirsty for a taste of the royals.

The two Royals are suing paparazzi photographers who used drones and telephoto lens to shoot pictures of 14-month-old son, Archie, from within the bounds of the couple’s Los Angeles estate.

The defendants were not named in the lawsuit because the couple do not know who took the photos, according to the complaint, which listed the defendants as John Does.

“This action arises out of the relentless and quite frankly shocking efforts of the tabloid media to profit from serial intrusions of the privacy of a 14-month-old child in his own home,” the suit says,

”And the desire and responsibility of any parent to do what is necessary to protect their children from this manufactured feeding frenzy.”

Meghan Markle wears a gorgeous blue Victoria Beckham dress for her stylish return to the UK
Meghan Markle wears a gorgeous blue Victoria Beckham dress for her stylish return to the UK in March 2020

The lawsuit says the family was forced to erect a large mesh fence to block photographers with telephoto lenses from shooting pictures of them from a ridge hundreds of yards away from the home of a friend in a gated community where they have been living.

The couple also claimed “some paparazzi and media outlets have flown drones a mere 20 feet above the house, often as three times a day, to obtain photographers of the couple and their young son in their private residence.”

In addition, the couple also claimed outlets that flighted the pictures wrongfully claimed the pictures had been taken from Malibu.

“The unscrupulous people shopping these photographs have not innocently mislabeled the photographs as having been taken in a public place.

“They have done so intentionally because they know that unsolicited photographs of a young child in the privacy of his own home are very much unlawful,” the lawsuit states.

In a separate legal action, against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, Meghan is suing for breach of privacy and copyright infringement.

Earlier this month, court documents claimed the duchess felt “unprotected by the Institution” of the monarchy and was “prohibited from defending herself” against media reports while pregnant.