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Thursday, April 22, 2021



Knife-wielding woman arrested after she storms Drake’s $100m Toronto home

A knife-wielding woman was arrested near rapper Drake’s mansion in Toronto after she allegedly ‘struck a security guard with a pipe.’

Paul Rusesabagina: Hotel Rwanda ‘hero’ quits trial, says expects no justice

Paul Rusesabagina, the polarising hero of the hit movie "Hotel Rwanda," failed to show up for his trial Wednesday, after informing prison authorities he was quitting the process as he did not expect justice.

Man breaks into Johnny Depp’s $19M mansion, takes a shower and refuses to leave

A man broke into Johnny Depp’s $19million Hollywood Hills mansion on Thursday, showered inside and made himself a drink.

Police launch investigation after US actor Armie Hammer accused of rape

Los Angeles police said Thursday they had opened an investigation into rape allegations made against US actor Armie Hammer after a former partner filed a complaint.

L.A. County sheriff awarded search warrant to seize black box in vehicle Tiger Woods crashed

The L.A. County sheriff has been awarded a search warrant to seize the black box in the vehicle in which Tiger Woods crashed.

Tekashi says he’s not a snitch after testifying against gang members in court

Rapper Tekashi has justified becoming a star witness in his 2018 RICO case and testifying against his fellow gang members saying they betrayed him first. His testimony led to their conviction.

R. Kelly receives second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in prison as he awaits trial

Disgraced singer R. Kelly who is awaiting trial for multiple sexual misconduct cases has been able to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

US rapper Laney Keyz’s home riddled with bullets after attack by three men

US rapper Laney Keyz's home got riddled with bullets and there is footage of three men walking towards the gate and firing gunshots.

Lady Gaga’s dogs found safe after armed robbery

Lady Gaga's two stolen French bulldogs have been found safe and handed in to police, according to officials.

Lady Gaga offers $500 000 for return of stolen bulldogs… ‘no questions asked’

Lady Gaga has offered half a million dollars for the return of her bulldogs which were targeted by thieves on Wednesday night. The robbers shot her dog walker and stole two of her French bulldogs.

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