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US rapper Laney Keyz’s home riddled with bullets after attack by three men


US rapper Laney Keyz’s home got riddled with bullets and there is footage of three men walking towards the gate and firing gunshots.

The incident captured at his L.A. home in the wee hours of February 18, shows the men firing several rounds before making a U-turn and running off.

One of the guys seemed to have stayed back and made some more shots but eventually joined his gang and ran off. From the obtained video footage it seems no one fired back at the three member gang.

Law enforcement have said that the LAPD officers located a number of shell casings at the crime scene but have not come any closer to identifying the suspects.

It’s also reported that only one person was injured by gunfire… LAPD is still investigating.

Sources close to the rapper says he was inside the house during the shooting but walked away unscathed.

They also say the motive behind the shooting is not yet known and the whole situation remains a mystery. Laney has since moved out of his place to a better and safer house which is not known at the moment.

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