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Prince ‘stayed at Epstein’s mansion’ around time of alleged sex with minor

Prince Andrew did stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion during a trip when he is accused of romping with a sex slave, it has been reported.

The bombshell claims contradict the royal’s car crash TV interview with Emily Maitlis last year, during which he said he “definitely” didn’t stay.

It’s alleged that Prince Andrew did stay at the New York mansion of paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein at the time he’s accused of having sex with a teen.

It’s claimed that Prince Andrew had hours of ‘private time’ scheduled in during the New York trip
sources confirm.

Andrew stayed at the £60m home on the final night of his trip to “save taxpayers’ money”

Days ago, it was reported that Princess Beatrice has “no recollection” of the Pizza Express birthday party Andrew used as his ‘alibi’ for one of the occasions he was alleged to have slept with a teen.

The family who hosted the bash can’t recall if the Duke attended and got no pictures.

Andrew allegedly had a home manicure booked for the afternoon he claimed he dropped Beatrice at the restaurant in Woking.

Sources told the Daily Mail the Queen’s second son was a guest at the paedophile financier’s Manhattan home in April 2000, and three hours of the trip were set aside for ‘private time’.

Andrew, 60, told Newsnight: “I wasn’t staying there.

“I may have visited but definitely didn’t, definitely, definitely no, no, no activity.”

But it’s now claimed by the paper that both the duke and a Scotland Yard bodyguard did spend a night at Epstein’s townhouse, the largest in the city.

It was during this three-day trip to America that the prince’s accuser, Virginia Roberts, alleges she slept with the father-of-two for a second time after a previous encounter in London.

The royal has always ferociously denied the claims.

The paper alleges that well-placed sources confirm Andrew stayed at the £60million home on the final night of his trip to “save taxpayers’ money”.

The insiders stressed that neither Epstein, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell nor Miss Roberts were at the property at the time.

An official itinerary shows that the duke spent the first night of his US trip at the residence of the British consul general in New York.

He then flew to Boston for 24 hours before returning to New York and sleeping at a ‘private address’. That address was Epstein’s home near Central Park, it’s alleged.

The prince was also booked in for a gap of a few hours in the city. The period of time is referred to in the confidential tour itinerary as ‘private time’, it’s alleged.

Epstein killed himself in his prison cell last year.

Prince Andrew has always fiercely denied any wrongdoing, and says he doesn’t recall meeting Virginia Roberts – despite a picture of the two together.

Miss Roberts claims she was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with the duke on three occasions in 2001.

One of those alleged occasions includes a time in New York in around Easter that year, when she was 17, she claims.

Andrew strongly denies all her allegations.

The royal says he cannot even recall meeting her, despite the pair being apparently pictured together at Miss Maxwell’s London home on March 10, 2001.

Current claims follow allegations that his “alibi” for one of the nights he is claimed to have spent with Miss Roberts has been blown apart.

His daughter Princess Beatrice has “absolutely no recollection” of the Pizza Express birthday party her father claimed to have attended on March 10, 2001.

The family who hosted the now infamous party cannot recall what happened and have no pictures, it’s reported.

It’s also claimed that housekeepers at his Sunninghill Park home “can’t remember” his movements.

It has also emerged that a royal protection officer said to have been on duty that weekend has died.