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DaBaby arrested while shopping….. allegedly carried loaded handgun

Chart-topping rapper Da Baby had his shopping spree cut short in Los Angeles after he was arrested for carrying a loaded and concealed gun.

The rapper whose real name is Jonathan Kirk was arrested while doing his shopping on a high end shopping street Rodeo Drive after some staff at a Gucci store called police reporting that one young man was carrying a gun in his waistband.

Police officers found DaBaby with a loaded 9mm pistol after they had conducted a search on him and his staff. Footage obtained by TMZ shows the rapper being apprehended by police after leaving high end fashion store Moncler in a black SUV. He was subsequently handcuffed by police.

DaBaby was briefly held on $35,000 bail but has since posted live studio footage from his Instagram account.

The young rapper has topped the musical charts in America and internationally after he broke out to fame in 2019. He has been nominated for four Grammy awards this year. He topped the US album charts and had a global hit with his 2020 single, Rockstar.

This is not his first encounter with the law. In 2019 DaBaby was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon after a shooting incident that left a teenager dead in a Walmart store in North Carolina.

He admitted being involved in the shooting but argued self defense. In January 2020 he was then arrested on charges of robbery and battery following separate incidents.

Battery charges were later dropped.