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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Jeremy Clarkson insists Covid-19 won’t stop him driving amid lockdown as ‘you can’t get coronavirus in car’


Grand Tour TV host Jeremy Clarkson has insisted the global Covid-19 pandemic won’t stop him driving, because you ‘can’t catch coronavirus in a car’. 

The advice from the former Top Gear host, who was fired from the BBC after hangrily punching a producer defies all the medical evidence to the contrary.

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59-year-old Clarkson who was writing in his column for The Sun newspaper said key workers who absolutely have to leave home to get to work should do so in a car.

“It’s a means of transport that’s virus proof. You can’t be infected when you’re inside it and you can’t pass your infection on to anyone else.”

“During the Covid-19 outbreak, when it’s important we keep our distance, all parking restrictions should be lifted.

“Cars should be allowed to use both bus and cycle lanes and all traffic cameras should be turned off. I know this flies in the face of what the ecomentalists say is good for us but buses are petri dishes so park them at the depot.

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“Trains and the Tube are no better, so turn off the power immediately.

‘This means that everyone can get to their place of work, safely, in a virus-proof cocoon.

“Strange isn’t it. ‘For years we were told that cars would one day kill us all. But now it’s obvious that actually, they are our knights in shining armour,’ he added.

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