First male accuser testifies against R. Kelly, says singer sexually exploited him

Keith Mlauzi
By Keith Mlauzi 3 Min Read
R Kelly claimed he was 'high risk' for the coronavirus as he asked to be released from Chicago jail

R Kelly’s first male accuser has given evidence of sexual exploitation against the singer in a New York court, saying he was abused when he was 17 while trying to make it as a musician.

Kelly is currently on trial in New York City for racketeering ‘predicated on criminal conduct including sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labour and Mann Act violations involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal sexual activity.”

This comes days after women testified that they had been abused by the disgraced star and one of them claiming Kelly would demand she dresses up like a scout.

The first alleged male victim took to the court stand on Monday under the pseudonym ‘Louis’. He recalled how kelly allegedly lured him to his Chicago home under false pretense of helping him with his music career in 2007 when he was just a high school student.

He told the jury that Kelly asked him, “What [he] was willing to do for music” to which he responded “l’ll carry your bags… anything you need, l’ll be willing to do.”

And Kelly responded, “that’s not it” before asking if he’d ever fantasised about having sex with men before he ‘crawled down on his knees and proceeded to give him oral s..” even though the accuser “wasn’t into it.”

Louis then added to his testimony saying Kelly told him not to tell a single soul about what had happened.

He went on to recall another incident when Kelly real name Robert Kelly “snapped his fingers three times” drawing attention from a naked girl, who had been hiding under a boxing ring, to give them both oral s…

Louis said although Kelly would help him with his music he would occasionally abuse him and record some encounters on iPad and camcorders.

“As our relationship got stronger, he said I was like a brother. I was his ‘little brother ” he added.

The alleged victim said he last saw Kelly in 2010 when he had summoned him to lie about being in a homosexual relationship with him.

Kelly, 54, has pleaded not guilty and repeatedly denied the allegations made against him.

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