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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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R. Kelly

R. Kelly receives second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in prison as he awaits trial

Disgraced singer R. Kelly who is awaiting trial for multiple sexual misconduct cases has been able to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

R. Kelly ‘ignored by guards’ during troubling jail attack by fellow inmate

R. Kelly was attacked by a fellow inmate in jail while none of the guards "raised a finger" to help the R&B singer, according to his lawyers.

Guards knew of danger to R. Kelly before attack his lawyers claim in sixth appeal

A New York appellate court has denied R. Kelly's request to be released from federal prison on bail after he was assaulted by a fellow inmate who claimed 'the government made [him] attack' the singer.

R. Kelly was nearly stabbed with a pen in a jailhouse attack by an inmate

R Kelly was rescued by fellow inmates when another prisoner tried to stab him with an ink pen, a filing by the disgraced singer’s legal team has revealed.

US$1.2 million found in hidden account controlled by R. Kelly

Prosecutors in charge of R. Kelly’s case have justified diving deep into his finances by pointing to an account with $1.2 million that he reportedly opened under the name of another party.

R. Kelly complains about his prison food selection… lawyers target third appeal over Covid-19 risk

Disgraced singer R. Kelly is once again in the news, this time complaining about his treatment from prison saying he doesn’t have enough options for food.

R. Kelly’s bid for coronavirus release is denied again even though 23 inmates have tested positive

A federal judge has rejected R Kelly's second attempt at using the coronavirus pandemic to get released from the Chicago jail where he is being held.

R. Kelly makes new request to be released over coronavirus… says he is too famous to escape

After an attempt to be released from the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Centre was rebuffed earlier this month, R’n’B singer R. Kelly is back in court, filing another emergency motion seeking early release from prison, this time citing changed circumstances.

R Kelly’s request to flee prison over coronavirus fears denied by judge

An attempt by R. Kelly to use the coronavirus pandemic to engineer his release from custody has fallen flat on its feet after a Brooklyn judge denied his request.

R. Kelly hit with several new charges… including spreading herpes to under-age victim

Disgraced singer R. Kelly has been hit with new charges after federal prosecutors in New York slapped him with an indictment related to two...

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