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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Suicide Watch: Harvey Weinstein “being filmed non-stop in prison”


Just like some movies he’s produced, so is the life of convicted sex offender, film producer Harvey Weinstein in prison. It being reported Weinstein is under constant camera surveillance to make sure he does not die in custody like Jeffrey Epstein.

Sources have revealed that some correctional officers have been assigned to follow Weinstein anytime he’s on the move from within the state prison he’s currently serving his sentence at , which is Wende Correctional Facility in upstate New York City.

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Apart from being under regular prison surveillance cameras TMZ has been told that some prison guards are assigned to be Weinstein’s shadows and never to take their eyes off him.

It is unclear if body or hand cameras are being used to monitor the inmate, but, prison officials have revealed that both can be used.

Prison officials have revealed that the reason for such close monitoring of Weinstein is that they are afraid if they take their eyes off him things could ‘quickly go awry’.

Also the prison officials said they are doing this to crush down any conspiracy theories that might arise about Weinstein and to also protect themselves from criminal liability.

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Weinstein is currently in bad health, they were reports that he might have contracted the deadly Coronavirus but he tested negative.

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