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Cardi B explains why she is back with husband Offset despite filing for divorce

Cardi B and Offset have fuelled speculation that they are back together again after appearing together in a video, only a few days after the Migos rapper bought his estranged wife an expensive 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV.

Offset was part of the WAP rapper’s entourage when she went to Las Vegas to celebrate her 28th birthday and if any of her posts are anything to go by, he pulled out all the stops to try and make his estranged wife’s birthday the best one yet.

While on Instagram Live she stated that she was missing him. “I just be starting to miss [him]. It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no d**k.”

She went to explain why she changed her mind stating that she was not bi-polar because she took a test. This isn’t the first time that the couple separated and got back together.

In the latest video, the couple appears to be back in the living room of their home in Atlanta.

The video came only a few days after Cardi accidentally shared a topless picture of herself in bed with Offset.

‘I’m leaning in the f**king bed, right? And I’m telling Offset, “Yo I feel like…I’m taking the f*ing picture and then I f**ing press and I see that it’s loading and I’m like “Oh my God! Oh my God, Offset! Oh my God, the picture’s loading!”‘ the 28-year-old star explained on Instagram live.

When she filed for divorce from him last month in Atlanta she stated in her court documents that ‘no prospects for a reconciliation’ exist. Cardi was requesting child support, legal costs and custody of their toddler in the divorce case which was slated to come before a court on November 4.