50 Cent remembers doctor who sued him for $32k after he was shot nine times

50 Cent is a man who is known to not easily forget or forgive those that cross his path, and this applies to a doctor that brought him back to life after he was shot nine times back in 2000.

In an instagram post, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper revealed that he skipped on a $32,511.97 bill back after spending almost a fortnight in hospital after being shot.

However, he was only the subject of a lawsuit after his rap career took off following the release of his debut album in 2003.

“See how they make me out to be the bad guy no matter what,” 50 captioned his post. “Boy it’s a good thing i learned not to care what people think of me I didn’t get on till 03, the doctor came back looking for 32G’s.”

50 Cent’s breakthrough debut studio album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, went on to sell 12 million records worldwide in 2003. 

“I said man, get the fuck outta here before you get shot. LOL,” the rapper ended his caption.