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Megan Thee Stallion’s ex alleges she was abusive during their relationship


Megan Thee Stallion has trashed allegations that she abused Karim York, after the basketball player alleged that an unnamed woman had, while high on drugs, severely assaulted him.

York made the accusations in a lengthy post which he signed off by saying “P.S. Megan and I are still great friends” which led readers to believe that the incident involved Megan Thee Stallion.

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“It’s f**ked up that I felt like I couldn’t come out and defend myself solely off of public perception. I chose to be quiet throughout this time when someone was putting out a certain narrative about me, and today is the last day for that.”

On the day of the attack, York claimed that his tormentor was high on drugs.

“The night all this happened, this person was on drugs, xans to be exact. I GOT MY A** BEAT that night but I’m being pictured as the abuser on the internet”

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“…I don’t know how many times that woman put her hands on me with multiple witnesses there to see but not one time did I hit her,” he continued. “I’ve had a gun pointed at me with the intentions of being shot and because of what, a window?”

In response, Megan said that the accusations were unfounded, before playing an audio of York confirming that he was talking about another woman.

So, I just saw some bullshit,” Megan said as she prefaced the phone conversation with her ex.

“Talking about…and I know who it is and they antagonize me everyday online. They pick with me every got damn day. They always making up stories about me and now I feel like I really have to start doing something about it cause you bitches are really crazy.

“So, this lady says that I… whatever. It was this old situation with my ex. Remember when my mugshot popped up? And I told y’all that my ex-boyfriend beat my ass? So, this lady made this ol’ fake ass story and you know I had to call the nigga to get the muthafuckin‘ facts.”

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