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Dr Dre, Kaepernick take the knee in defiant post

While he has his critics, Colin Kaepernick also has his fair share of powerful friends, with the latest to show support for the former 49ers quarterback being hip-hop mogul Dr Dre who posted a picture of the two together on his instagram page.

The picture was captioned “defiant”, which may be an allusion to Kaepernick’s staunch defence of his right to protect racial inequality or a nod to The Defiant Ones, an HBO documentary chronicling Dre’s career alongside prolific record executive Jimmy Iovine.

While there is yet no indication of the context behind the outdoor snap, Dre and Kaepernick have a long history, going back at least to 2013, when the athlete signed a deal with Beats by Dre before it was purchased by Apple.

Kaepernick has been frozen out of the NFL since he took his strong stance against inequality.

He held a controversial workout in Atlanta that originally was endorsed by the NFL, but after changing locations he ended up having just a few teams show up. There has been rumored interest in the signal-caller from NFL clubs, but he remains a free agent.