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Chris Brown sued by his housekeeper after his dog ‘viciously attacked’ her sister


Chris Brown is being sued by his former housekeeper, Patricia Avila, who alleges that his dog “viciously attacked” her sister.

Avila claimed Chris’ Caucasian Shepherd bit her sister in the face and legs at his LA home on December 12, 2020.

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The cleaning lady is seeking monetary damages related to the incident, citing loss of wages due to being unable to work, medical bills, emotional distress and pain and suffering.

Patricia’s lawsuit which has been filed at the Los Angeles superior court claims she and her sister Maria were on the 12th of December 2020, attacked by Brown’s dogs while cleaning his house.

TMZ reports that, the two sisters were hired by Brown to clean his Tarzana home twice a week for a rate of $600 a day.

Prior to the day of the attack, Brown’s dogs had always been kept on another part of the property, where they could not be seen. On the day of the attack one of the dogs – a Caucasian Shepherd- was in the backyard.

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According to court documents, Maria entered the backyard intending to empty the vacuum and the dog growled at her and proceeded to viciously attack her.

After hearing some screams, Patricia rushed outside “where she found her sister covered in blood while screaming for help,” prompting Brown to call 911.

The dog tore Maria’s body to shreds ripping 3 to 4 inches of skin off her arms. She also suffered injuries on her face around the eye and bites on her legs. The victim transported to hospital and treated for several days and underwent a couple of surgeries.

Since the incident Patricia has, “suffered severe emotional distress including post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks,” states the lawsuit. She is suing Brown for an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

It is important to note that she is not the actual bite victim and it’s unclear if her sister will be filing a separate suit.

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