Damon Dash denies Kanye West is ‘crazy’ and slams Kim for citing ‘bipolar disorder’

Kanye West was spotted doing shopping for baby clothes in Wyoming on Wednesday, as the storm surrounding his marriage continues to rage.

The Gold Digger rapper was spotted with producer Damon Dash at the Wyoming Walmart, just after visiting a bank close to the ranch where he has been holed up.

Spotting a blue hood and red dyed hair, Kanye reportedly spent 30 minutes inside the retail outlet before he left his lieutenants to load his truck and pay for the purchases made.

It was Kanye’s first public appearance since he made the stunning revelations that he had been trying to divorce wife Kim Kardashian.

Kim has since called for compassion from fans in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Kanye West says he has been trying to divorce Kim since Meek Mill hook-up
Kanye West says he has been trying to divorce Kim since Meek Mill hook-up

Kanye’s partner on the Walmart shopping trip, Dash, has however rubbished claims that the rapper was unwell, telling Page Six that he and his team all had eyes on his upcoming album release.

“People think he lost his mind just because he cried. The way he lost his mind and jumped on a jet and then jumped off the jet to come back to his 40,000-acre ranch? Yeah, I’d like to lose my mind like that.”

He added, “There’s definitely people around him that love him and he’s going to be alright. We are praying, we are working. People think like we are in an insane asylum [but] we got an album coming out.”

Dash also appeared to brush aside the Kardashian family’s concerns about Kanye’s mental health.

“Why are you talking about [his mental health]? He’s in a big room with 40 different companies. Ideas development. It’s a laboratory going on over here. Just think of Willy Wonka.”

Dash added, “People watched the rally and think he’s crazy, but that’s how the average person thinks. Everyone that listens to him [who thinks] he’s crazy is not a billionaire.

“But some reason Elon Musk doesn’t think he’s crazy. I don’t think he’s crazy. Billionaires don’t think it’s crazy because he talks that billi talk. And most people don’t talk that talk. He speaks like the general to people that are generally soldiers.” Daily Mast